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We optimize Developer Experience - a set of practices, processes, and environment designs focused on improving both the human and technological aspects of software creation.

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Broader Perspective

It’s essential to have your team well-informed: about the product business value, the individual team roles and corresponding added values. The goal is to set up the practises and tech know-how to be beneficial even when you no longer need us.

Technological Debt

Not sure if the chosen solution is able to withstand the test of time? Our team will assist you in preceding (or eventually repaying) the debt.

Meaningful Work

Motivation decreases with low business value, neverending meetings, non-automated tasks or the code infested with bugs. Whatever the case, we’ll help you to identify it and fix it.

The Fluctuation

Stabilise your team through a standardised set of best practises, that will lead to a happier workplace and better results.

We are actively building the developer experience community.
See our projects:

DX Scanner

Measure developer experience with this open source CLI tool.

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Knowledge base

Educate yourself by browsing our vast DX Knowledge database.

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As seasoned developers we have gone through countless projects, work cultures and development teams. The aggregated experience has led us to deeper understanding of developers’ needs, their problems and their corresponding link to the output quality.

This makes us proficient in following services:

  • Software architecture
  • Software analysis
  • Workflow setup
  • Product validation
  • Software Due Diligence
  • Tooling & Tech Stack Selection
  • Team & Culture Setup
  • Continuous Team Feedback
  • Efficient Cooperation
  • PSD2 Open Banking
  • Developer Portals
  • SDK

First Aid Kit

Do you face a development issue?
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  • Virtualization
  • Constructive feedback
  • Automated deployment
  • Task / Backlog Prioritization

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