We improve

Developer Experience

Because happy Developers are necessary for creating exceptional software.


What can we help you with?

Having a great developer experience translates to less fluctuation, higher quality and faster time to market. We diagnose the inner workings of your teams and increase their DX by injecting our heroes into your development process. They will work with your people to deliver the product while introducing best practices tailored to your teams.


    Research & Analysis

  • Bussiness and value validation
  • Design sprint
  • Prototyping
  • UX Tests
  • High-level specification
  • MVP Definiton

    Building a Team

  • Role definition
  • Team formation
  • Ritual adoption
  • Team Culture inception
  • Smart Hiring


  • Developer process diagnosis/setup
  • Best practices
  • Tooling selection or creation
  • Continous Integration
  • DevOps setup
  • Team performance diagnosis
  • Team culture evaluation


  • Documentation
  • Continous Delivery
  • Monitoring, Logging, Bug reporting
  • Pager duty setup
  • DevOps & support extension


  • Release Management
  • Pre-flight quality assurance
  • Support documentation
  • Rollout

    Phase Out

  • Handover & cleanup
  • Project retrospective
  • Project conservation
  • Team reset & recovery

What can you expect?

1. Screening

We will be involved in the work of your teams and identify your practices and how your team works.

2. Suggestion

Then we suggest ways how to improve Developer Experience based on your practices and needs.

3. Validation

All our proposals are consulted and validated with you and tailored exactly for your team. Timeframe and KPIs are set.

4. Injection

Then we help you to inject the new practices directly during the development of your product as active members of your team.


We are part of something bigger

Be part of the Community

We want to give you an opportunity to share your knowledge and problems with others within the framework of DX Heroes and help you to find the best solution in one place for developing perfect software.

Declare your stance

For starters, have a look at the Developer Experience Manifesto which serves as a connecting element of the community and a kind of moral code of a happy developer.


DX Scanner

Enhance your DX

DX Scanner is a tool that lets you measure your Developer Experience. The Scanner proposes possible improvements based on analysis of your code.

Start in just a few seconds

Get started in matter of seconds with our DX Scanner. There is nothing simpler than to see everything for yourself.


Our mission

We improve lives of developers and digital product teams. Our DX Heroes have worked both in corporate companies and startups. It taught us one thing: only teams with great developer experience can sustainably create the product your customers want. This is what we stand for.

Our team
Pavel Michalik | CEO

Throughout my professional life, especially as a leader in big corporations, I have often encountered demotivated developers and much worse entire teams. It was an ever-recurring problem most of the time. There was more emphasis on the product than on the team that created it. It wasn't difficult for me to realize that only a satisfied developer could create a great product because it wouldn't work the other way around.

I'm glad I can offer my team leadership experience and make developers happy.

Prokop Simek | CTO

I have started as a Ruby on Rails programmer more than 6 years ago. Now I work mostly with Node.js or React. I was part of a team developing Erste Group portal for Developers for 2 years. I was a team leader, architect, analyst, and our Product Owner's and Project Manager's partner.

Adéla Homolová | Junior Developer

I'm a junior developer in node.js. I used to want to be a fashion stylist but now I style my code as I'm becoming the same code nazi as Prokop. I used to study Liberal Arts and Humanities at Charles University. Maybe you’ve noticed I’m not a prototype of a developer. I’m really enthusiastic about programming, especially DX Scanner! My biggest vice is good food and craft beer.

Vratislav Kalenda | Partner

I have started DX Heroes because I strongly believe in a holistic approach to improving the performance of developer teams. We spend around half of our wakeful productive live in work. It is our mission to make this time enjoyable for developers. As a founder of technological startups, I always work with my people to establish great developer experience right from the start. All this experience from my journey culminates in DX Heroes.


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